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Thread: missing PRO.MSI file...what to do

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    missing PRO.MSI file...what to do

    I am having a Xp laptop running with MS Office 2003. It was working fine without any problem since months but suddenly I when I tried opening a Excel file today morning it refused with an error message stating “PRO.MSI file is missing”. I have heard about this file for the first time today. It says to insert me the installation disc in order to fix it but the problem is am not carrying the disc along with me now. Cany anyone tell me some alternate of fixing this ?

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    Re: missing PRO.MSI file...what to do

    I don’t think so there is an alternate way to fix it because pro.msi is the installation file and your system requires it to fix if there is any file got corrupted or damage that is actually causing the problem with Excel.

    You will need to wait until your reach your installation Disk. Also, if in case we got it on web i dont think it will work because system may need some associated files as well.

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