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Thread: Problems installing Office 2007 on Vista RTM

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    Office 2007 did not install on Vista RTM due to missing file

    I had formatted my system and formatted everything. After that I started with drivers setup and then Office. The edition of Windows that I am using is Vista RTM. When I run the setup of Office 2007 through its installation dic I am getting a error related to some file. The disc is used before also and it was working quiet well. I had done a number of setup with this. What is this file. Can I ignore that.

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    I am too getting the same problem after fresh Vista installation. The installation simply crash on setup. I had simply replaced the disc and borrowed the one from my friend. It worked but that is the trail edition. It looks the CD is affected and due to which I cannot install the same. Try to collect a working disc and then check back.

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    This is a very common error that appears with many. First try to reboot your system as you get the error on your screen. It can be related to digital signature in your system. You must ensure that your CD is genuine. Many use pirated or simply copied disc that are not verified by original OS.

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    I am sure that the disc you are using is a burned disc. It is not the original one. That is the reason you are getting the error. Or if you are using a downloaded setup then you need to check that none of the file is corrupted. You can download the msi file and then replace the same in setup file. But there are less chances it will work or not.

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    Re: Problems installing Office 2007 on Vista RTM

    THE SOLUTION! I had this exact problem. After Googling several places, lots of people have had this problem. Install on Office 2007 hanging as it looks for the proof cab. Could not get past this, until I read to try cleaning the disk!! How simple is that and it worked first try after!!!! Seriously it worked! Try the easiest things first!!

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