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Thread: Have available for download.

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    Have available for download.

    I have trying to install the office 2003 on my pc but am getting this dreaded " not found" error message everytime. I have heard alot about this problem from different forums, but no where there is a solutions for same. It should have been included in the installation disk which is not supplied in me new HP laptop. Can anyone tell me where do i get this file so that i can install it in my machine, Thanks

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    Well, even if you dont have a cd but a proper Retail product CD then you can try to check the following article which will let you know How to Replace Lost, Broken, or Missing Microsoft Software or Hardware from this link - Hopefully, it will definitely work for you.

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    I tried many methods to solve this issue but nothing was working for me. So in the end i went into programs >> microsoft office >> office tools and then ran the office diagnostic. Eventually, this diagnostic all by itself found the issue and then repaired this problem that I was facing. So, hoping that it would solve the issue that many are facing.

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    Re: Have available for download.

    You all can download the Missing SKU112.CAB from here. Or either way, you can try a different solution to resolve this error permanently, you must repair the Office 2003 installation. To repair the Office 2003 installation, use the Local Installation Source Tool. You can download the Local Installation Source Tool from the following Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit Web site from here.

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