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Thread: Error: Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened

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    Error: Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened

    I am running Windows XP SP3 and downloaded Office 2007 beta 2. Installed it fine on this computer but while trying to Open MS Word, here is the error I get:

    “The Office Open XML file Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents”

    We have about 8 systems in my friends group and we getting the same error on 2 PCs. Any ideas ?

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    RE: Error: Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened

    I too have faced this problem just about a week ago. Fortunately I found the working solutions that fixed it permanently. I came to know that Office 2007 Beta 2 technical refresh tries to access a dotx.file from the original Beta 2 installation. But if we delete this file, Office will forced to create a new proper file that can be read and opened comfortably. I did the same and my problem got fixed. You can try out the same.

    If you don’t know how to do the same, here it is:

    • First of al navigate to the following location:
      Go to X:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033
    • Here sort the dates and within range of 3-30-06 search for file named Building Blocks.dotx. This is the file we need to delete but instead of deleting it I’ll suggest you to move it somewhere on your desktop as backup.
    • Now restart the office application (Word, Excel, anything). There should be a new file created with the same name in that directory.

    That’s it. Now your office will work fine.

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    RE: Error: Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened

    Thanks a lot for this excellent solution Techguru01, it helped to fix it on 2 out of 3 systems facing that error. On the third PC, I don’t have ‘username’ after documents and settings to browse to the location you mentioned. Also am not getting the next path to move due to this. What should I do now? This third pc is HP Model M1264N XP Media Center. Please help.

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    Re: Error: Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened

    Did you look for the actual term of 'username' or for your Windows XP login-name in the \<username>\ location? The login name would be the 'username' in that situation.

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