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Thread: Microsoft Office Professional 7 Beta - Installation Problem

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    Microsoft Office Professional 7 Beta - Installation Problem

    Today morning I downloaded Office 2007 Professional BETA and tried installing it on my Windows XP SP3. There was no problem in the download, later when I started the installer; it went till the end (about 99%) and gave me an error saying the following:

    Error 1406. Setup cannot write the value BandCLSID to the registry key
    Verify that you have sufficient permissions to access the registry or contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance. For information about how to contact PSS, see
    Well I went to the last directory but I dint found any such file named “PSS10R.CHM” over there. I tried few more troubleshooting, searched web but no helped. Finally I called Microsoft Product Support but they were to unhelpful in this case.

    Is there anyone having any idea what could be the problem with installation and why is this error occurring? Or if the problem is with the beta version itself, should I delete this downloaded file and hold until they launch the full version ?

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    Re: Microsoft Office Professional 7 Beta - Installation Problem

    Well this is the first time I saw any such error too. Hence don’t have any idea regarding the same but what I can suggest you is try to install it after disabling all security suites available on your system. Some of them might be clocking it or could be the reason for the permission error.

    Secondly you can also try out installing beta in Windows Clean Boot. Hope you know clean boot, if not check this:;EN-US;310353

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    Re: Microsoft Office Professional 7 Beta - Installation Problem

    Did you tried installing beta by turning Off User Access Protection (UAP) ? If not, try it and if still it wont work, simply chunk out the beta and wait for few more months to get the Product released officially. Beta versions are made for bug testing and obviously you are gonna have such errors.

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    Same issue with MS Groove

    Me too with exactly the same error while installing Beta. According to the error that says I don’t have permission for the mentioned registry keys, I took the ownership of the files mentioned and simply deleted them. But still it dint helps and the error occurs. Unlike you I am not going to take Microsoft Phone Support and paying about 300 dollars where they will suggest me to just re-install windows.

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