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Thread: How to delete MSOCache folder?

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    How to delete MSOCache folder?

    As my title suggests, I want to delete the MSOCache folder from my system and I followed two official methods provided my Microsoft. First I tried deleting it using Disk Cleanup wizard but it detects my Office installation folder as Zero KB and process gets failed. Secondly I tried deleting the same using Local Installation Source Tool but this too exits/failes with an error code 0x80070002.

    Apart from this I donít know any other way of deleting this folder. Also as far as I know we cannot delete it from Windows Explorer because it contains few registry keys and if deleted it will give problems with office installations, right ? So please help me and suggest some working way to delete MSOCache folder

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    Re: How to delete MSOCache folder?

    First of all I donít understand why you want to delete this folder. It is only to prevent the user from having to insert the CD during installation and maintenance and donít take huge space of your hard drive. Also if you deleted it successfully, it will be replaced again next time when you run any setup and you will be asked to provide the disk. So better let it be.

    If still you want to delete than the processes I know is the same, either with Disk Cleanup Wizard:
    Start> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.
    Select the drive having Msocache folder> Office Setup Files checkbox and click OK.

    Or second process is via LISTTOOL.EXE

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