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Thread: Office 2007 Professional settings

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    Office 2007 Professional settings

    My Outlook 2007 program opens to "Personal Folders - Outlook Today" because I have checked the box which asks "When Starting, go directly to Outlook Today"

    My question is: - After I have opened Outlook and reviewed my mail in the "Inbox" and then chosen to minimize Outlook, why does it reopen/maximize to "Personal Folders - Outlook Today" instead of my Inbox?

    I must have inadvertantly changed a setting because it used to reopen to my Inbox when maximized.

    How do I reset Outlook to rectify my issue?

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    Re: Office 2007 Professional settings

    I think that you will have to create another profile, as a profile defines your email accounts, and the location of your PST. After you have created a new profile defining your email accounts, also left the old profile in place, and instruct Outlook to ask, on start up, which profile it should use. If you elect to use the new profile you should (hopefully) see only one instance of your Personal Folders.

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    Re: Office 2007 Professional settings

    in outlook 2007 I have diferent account , it use to be an option in office 2003 an office express to be able to not activate somme acount .
    the commande to be checked was : Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing . Where do I find this commande now please email at

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