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    Office 2007 Enterprise Installaion Problems (

    I am trying to install Office Enterprises 2007 on my system since last 2 days but yet unsuccessful. First day when I started the installation it uses to get stuck with the error saying “Setup cannot find Enterprise.WW\EnterpriseWW.msi. Browse to a valid installation source and then click OK”.

    I tried to search solution for this on internet and found a place saying to run the following commands in command prompt:
    regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\msxml2.dll
    regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\msxml3.dll
    regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\msxml4.dll

    Well I did the same, restarted my computer and later when tried to run the installation, the problem remained but the error message got changed. Now it was telling "Setup cannot find Proofing.en-us\\ Browse to a valid installation source and then click OK." I tried searching this file and found it on my CD. Pointed the installer to the same but still it was giving me the same error.

    Hence I copied the folder to my desktop and pointed installer to the same, this time it says "Invalid Location". Any help please.

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    Re: Office 2007 Enterprise Installaion Problems (

    Was there any earlier Office version installed before trying to install this one ? if yes, you should have remove it totally because they leave some files or Registry keys that use to conflict with the new installation. You can use Windows Installer Cleanup Tool Or Windows Disk Cleanup Wizard for the same. There are few more suggestions that I got from other websites are renaming or deleting the "MSOcashe" that you can find here How to delete MSOCache folder?. one site says that you need to delete hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\office folder using regedit.

    Try our these steps and if you still facing the problem that simply contact Microsoft support on phone. You might have got the numbers with the HUP when you purchased and received the Office 2007 Enterprise. You wont be charge anything for calling them if you have all your documentation from the HUP purchase. Also note to call them on only this number because these special numbers. If you call on any other numbers you will be charged for the same.

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    Re: Office 2007 Enterprise Installaion Problems (

    Damn, seems like I missed the chance. Actually I bought this CD through my company and when I got the package I just took the disk and disk holder, rest of the documents and paper I just left their in my canteen. I thought I wont require them. Is there any other alternate way I can get the free phone support that you were talking about ? I mean, I just don’t have the papers, that’s it.

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    Office 2007 Enterprise Installation Problems (

    Open this URL and you need to find the appropriate number to whom you should call .But if you want these calls to be free than offcourse you need to hand them your Enterprises Edition documents. Otherwise get some dollars for getting support from them.

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