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Thread: Product Key OFFICE 2010

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    Product Key OFFICE 2010

    I was trying to install Office 2010 on my Vista computer that suddenly stuck and gave me the following message:

    “If you receive an error message or encounter a problem, visit The Microsoft Office 2010 Setup Resource Center for troubleshooting information and how to contact Microsoft Product Support.”

    Can anyone please tell me where can I get the product keys for Office 2010 ?

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    First of all I would like to confirm is Office 2010 released Officially ? As far as I know it is still under beta, right ? Dude, if you have got this package from somewhere else under piracy, than can only wait for weeks until the software gets launched officially. Also remember that it is illegal.

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    Office 2010 product keys

    Seems like this is a very old thread, but I have very similar question to ask. As we all know Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is now launched today, I am going to order one for me. But before that I would like to know how many activations are permitted with one License key in this version ?

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    Re: Office 2010 product keys

    If am not wrong Office Professional 2010 is VLK version and how many activations you can do is totally depends on the VLK you purchased. You know what I mean.

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