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Thread: Error Message - Setup cannot find Office.en-us\setup.xml

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    Error Message - Setup cannot find Office.en-us\setup.xml

    One of my customers is having Windows XP Pro with Internet Explorer 7 (if it is related in this problem) and trying to install Office Enterprises 2007 but the installer fails every time with error message saying Setup cannot find Office.en-us\setup.xml. We searched of the file and found it located where it should be. As a work around I tried extracting the files within enterprise.exe and running OfficeMUI.msi but that too dint worked. It just disappears without any error or anything.

    We have tried various things including windows update, safe mode, but nothing worked. Can anyone suggest some working fix for this ?

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    Re: Error Message - Setup cannot find Office.en-us\setup.xml

    I have seen a discussion with the same problem and there was a MVP saying that they dont support Enterprises 20007. If we need some help from them than we need to pay them about 22.50$.

    DAMN, we already paid to buy the software and now we have to pay them extra for solving the problems raised from their software. This is ridiculous.

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    Re: Spoof - Spam mail

    This is really interesting. I mean, if the "MVP service" is for sale, then I could have retired years ago!. Anyways, Did you uninstalled your earlier installed Office Versions before installing this Enterprises 2007 suite ? if not you may get in way of such errors for sure. Hence would suggest you to just download Office Installer Cleanup tool and delete each and every file you see related to Office and delete them. Once done, run the disk cleanup and then try to install Office Enterprises. It should not give such errors any more.

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