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Thread: Registry error while installing Office 2007

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    Registry error while installing Office 2007

    I am having Windows 2008 Server x64 OS. Now in some of the system that are in network Office 2007 is not working. It suddenly stopped. I did not made any recent changes in the system and I am still not able to figure out how this happened. I tried to remove it, so that I can put it back together. While removing the error I receive setup has stopped working. I cannot get rid of it now.The error was about some packages that are used for Office removal. I tried to run the setup over it and got error 1402. About some unknown registry key. How can I get this install back again.

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    re: Registry error while installing Office 2007

    One thing you need to check that the edition that you are using is pirated or not. Because somehow Windows Update look has screwed this. Check in your all system that you aren't have any pirated application installed. If not then you can try to remove the same in safe mode. There is some file or registry settings which is affected and causing the setup failure. Try to run a repair setup first, and then remove it.

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    If you are struggling to remove Office from Vista, then you might check the below link. There can be malware in your system. A virus or something that can cause this kind of failure. Also check there is some pending updates left. If yes then you must update your system first. Virus mostly modifies your system settings and cause this kind of bugs.

    How to uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if you cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?

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