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Thread: ProPlusWW/ missing - setup cannot locate

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    cannot find 'Proplus.WW\' on Office 2007 install

    My desktop was running with Xp and Office 2003 earlier until I decided to update Office 2007. I bought a copy of the same and tried installing but its progress bar goes upto 40% and pop up with an error saying something like ‘setup is unable to find Proplus.WW/’. It gives me option to browse. First I searched for the file in my CD and it was right there, hence I clicked on browser and pointed it to the file and click Ok. But again it gives me could not find Proplus.WW/ This was frustrating.

    Don’t know what I’m making wrong. Already removed office 2003, even cleaned the registry but yet unable to install. Please somebody help me out.

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    Re: cannot find 'Proplus.WW\' on Office 2007 install

    Well probably your system is unable to ready the CD or any of its content; most probably the reason could be damaged CD or drive lenses. What you can do here is clean your CD with cotton and try re-inserting. See if it works. If still you getting the same error than make a new folder on your D drive, Copy Entire CD content to that folder and run Setup.exe from the root folder. In most cases this helps you complete office installation.

    Incase you still getting installation error, check out this KB

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    ProPlusWW/ missing - setup cannot locate

    This is my 4 years old computer that came with Office 2000 pre loaded at the time of purchase. Now as it was the time to upgrade to Office 2007, I bought a disk with Product keys. Uninstalled Office 2000 and started installation of the new one. Entered the product keys but about 50% of the progress bar, the installation stopped with an error message saying “cannot find ProPlusWW/”. There was also a browse option that I pointed to the directory where the file resides but installer is unable recognize the same.

    An di I don’t select the location, the setup quits. For a workaround I started my pc various times, removed antivirus and other security suites, yet no success.

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