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Thread: Microsoft Office 2007 setup

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    Microsoft Office 2007 setup

    I am stuck at place to run Office setup. The error says issue lies with some corrupt file. I am fed up with the same. It keeps on appearing on my screen. I had tried to remove in normal and in safe mode also. But still nothing work here. I checked for updates. There might be chances of pending updates which are causing failure. My friend told to run SP2 hotfix and ensure that it is installed properly. I am not able to find which file is missing or corrupted.

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    I had wasted lot of time in analyzing the issue behind the same. I am getting this on my laptop. My computer has some bug which I am not able to understand. I had tested the setup a number of time and it looks to be proper. I had verified the system registry but I am getting exactly the same error which you are getting. I hope there would be some better way to deal with this. I checked on official website to locate hotfix, but cannot find anything on the same.

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    The issue lies with the setup I think. It only appears when your file is not proper. That is the reason you face this issue. Try to arrange any trail edition dvd that has all files proper. You can replace them and fix the problem.

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