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Thread: Office 2003 Product Key?

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    Office 2003 Product Key?

    I am trying to install my Home and Student 2007 (already installed on one of my desktop) on my new laptop but unfortunately I lost its product key. Can anyone please tell me alternate way of getting back the product keys ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Office 2003 Product Key?

    There is nothing to worry unless it is installed and Activated on any of the computer. As you said it is already installed on a Desktop, you can obtain the product keys from there itself. When you activate office, it stores the Product keys under a registry key but it use to be encrypted and hence we cannot obtain it manually. For such task ,you need to install third party application like Belarc Advisor or MagicJelly Bean key finder software. Just install and run any of these, you will get the product keys to activate on the laptop.

    if you want you can download these from below URLs:
    Belarc Advisor
    MagicJelly Bean

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    Re: Office 2003 Product Key?

    Thanks for the help and download links 1kshana, I installed Belarc and it shows me something like this
    “73931-640-4339835-57976 (Key: VJXRC-M64VX-2XYXD-PCKJ9-GJKVM)”

    I don’t know which one of these was the product key and hence I tried both of them but none of them worked. Both time I got “Invalid Product Key” error. Later I order a replacement of the original CD and received the new one today morning itself. I tried the keys I got with this and still it says the same, invalid product key. What now ? Please help.

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    Re: Office 2003 Product Key?

    Hello Debbie Rowe,

    Let me tell you that product keys are made for the one particular product with which you receive the Product keys. Now if am not wrong, you are trying the new product keys to activate the Office installed with the old disk, right ? if yes, obviously it will not work.

    Simply uninstall the Office from your laptop, run disk cleanup, restart the laptop and install Office again from the new Office CD and put the keys you got with the same.

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