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Thread: ERROR 1406 Office Pro 2007 installation Vista Home Premium

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    ERROR 1406 Office Pro 2007 installation Vista Home Premium

    I was installing Office 2007 Pro last hour. During the installation I received an error message 6 times, though there was button to ignore, I clicked the same every time and continued with the installation. I donít know what was the error related to but it was like this:

    Setup cannot write the value to the registry

    Now thought the installation completed, I havenít launched any office apps till now because still the updates are going on. So during this I thought to ask here what was that error about and will my office work as I ignored that error 6 times ?

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    Hey mee to facing the exactly the same registry problems during office 2007 installation. After few researches I came to know that these are related to registry permissions and hence I tried searching for the keys. Later I found that all keys mentioned in the error are already available on my system at various locations but don’t know why the installation is not able to write it and also don’t know how to work with its permission. I am logged in with Administrator account itself.

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    Re: ERROR 1406 Office Pro 2007 installation Vista Home Premium

    This is a problem that I've become quite familiar with recently, working with several clients having the same problem, and it always references the same registry keys. The keys should already be present in the registry, just need to have permission granted for the installer to be able to write to them. Here's the KB article we wrote up on it in our support department:

    The error message that you receive lists the registry subkey that is causing the error to occur.When attempting to install Microsoft Office, it will often reference one or more of the following keys:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Classes > HWXInk.E-Ink
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Classes > HWXInk.E-Ink.1
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Classes > SketchObj.SketchInk
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Classes > SketchObj.SketchInk.1

    In order to resolve this, we need to give the installer permission to write to these keys.

    Launch the registry editor* by choosing Start > Run (or Windows Key+R) and typing REGEDIT.
    Locate the first of the above-listed registry keys. Right-click on the key and click Permissions. In the list of groups or user names, see if “Everyone” is listed. If the group exists, skip to step 5. If the group does not exist, begin with step 1:
    1. Click the Add button below the “Group or user names” box.
    2. Click Advanced at the bottom of the next window.
    3. Click “Find Now” on the right side of the next window.
    4. In the list of results, choose the “Everyone” entry, click OK, and then OK again.
    5. In the “Group or user names” box, be sure Everyone is highlighted, and check the box to allow Full Control.
    6. Repeat for the next registry key in the list.

    Once permissions have been adjusted for all four of the listed keys, reboot the computer and attempt to install Office.


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