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Thread: download office 2007 with product key

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    download office 2007 with product key

    I am out station, too far from my home carrying a MSI laptop loaded with Windows Vista and Office 2007. Suddenly my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. I fixed my hard drive, loaded Operating system and other softwares. Now the problem is Office Suite. Though I have saved the Office product key in my mail, my Office installation Disk is kept at home. So I wanted to know is there any Office suite that I can download from web and activate it with the keys I have on my mail? Please reply me soon. Thank you.

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    Re: download office 2007 with product key

    Nope, you cannot download any office product and activate using the keys you have because Product keys are intended for a particular product only and that is at your home. So meanwhile what you can do is, if office is very necessary for you, download Office 2007 Trail from web and install it on your system. It is free for 60 days and till than I guess you will reach your home for sure.

    Also note that donít try activating the Trail with your Product keys kept in mail, they will not work. You will get temporary activation keys for activating your Trail office for 60 days. And dont forget to remove this trial once you reach your home and before installing the full version.

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    Re: download office 2007 with product key

    Well the only way is to use Trail until you get back home to the CD or get your CD shipped wherever you are. One last way is to buy another Office 2007 CD with new product key.

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