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Thread: Installation cannot find "Excel.en-us/" file

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    Installation cannot find "Excel.en-us/" file

    I received my brand new Dell laptop today as well. I already have Office Home and Student 2007 that is already running on one of my system. Now when trying to install it on this new laptop it always gives me an error saying:

    “Setup cannot find Excel.en-us/ file”

    There is an also an option to browse the file saying “Browse to valid installation source”. When I click on the same it opens C: drive. I don’t have any idea where these files used to be and where to browse.

    Now what is annoying me is my system is new, this Office CD is new and still am getting so many problems. If it is not able to install on New system where else is it gonna work ? Anyway, can anyone help me out fixing this please?

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    Re: Installation cannot find "Excel.en-us/" file

    If am not wrong your Dell laptop would have came with preloaded Office Trail version. If you uninstalled it completely before installing your Home and Student? If not, that is the culprit causing the error messages. You should always remove Trail or any earlier installed Office suite along with the Activation Assistant with its registry entries before installing the purchased ones. And the files that are missing use to be right on your CD itself. You should browse and point the installation to the CD. But before that simply uninstall Trail and Activation Assistant and than try again to install the Home and Student. It should work.

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    Re: Installation cannot find "Excel.en-us/" file

    Thanks a lot for the help friend, i tried pointing the installation to CD drive but it keeps coming back to the same dialog box with the same error message. As far as Trail is concerned am not sure whether there was any trial version also dont have any idea what activation assistant is.

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    Re: Installation cannot find "Excel.en-us/" file

    Well dude, you can simply check the Add and Remove programs, if there was Trail It should be listed in the programs list. BTW, all OEM comes pre-loaded with Trail version.

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    Re: Installation cannot find "Excel.en-us/" file

    Hello to dpDave,

    Tring to load the office 2007 cd with no luck at all. I've picked the cdr disk drive letter as to where the file it can't find but it still comes back and ask for it againg or asks for a different file. I even tried to direct it to a different drive letter but that didn't work either. PLEASE help I'm going nuts. I even tried to load the program without the Note One portion? But guess what no luck

    I'm 60 years old and right now I fell every day of it and I'd like to use the programs before I have to go into the nut house.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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