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Thread: Cannot copy EnterpriseWW Data Error on Office 2007 setup

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    Cannot copy EnterpriseWW Data Error on Office 2007 setup

    I am getting a error on my notebook. It is Cannot copy EnterpriseWW Data Error (cyclic redundancy check). It is a Dell Latitude DC400 notebook. It has Windows XP installed on the same. I had just formatted my system due to a some file corruption. Everything went quiet fine, but the issue lies with my program setup. I am not able to install Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise in the same. I am getting a constant error that I had mentioned above. The same setup I had done before also and it worked. What should I do know to fix this issues.

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    It is just a corrupt DVD you are using to run Office setup. Simply get a new one. And if you are running the setup through your hard drive, then the error mostly refer to a bad sector. Windows is not able to read the data over that sector. You have to run chkdsk /r to fix the same.

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