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    I installed a fresh copy of Office 2003 last week on my Windows Vista based computer. It worked fine for a week but started crashing suddenly. So I thought to repair hoping it may fix the problem. When I inserted the installation Disk and tried to repair it from Add and Remove programs, it says “Missing file”.

    I don’t know what kind of file is this. I tried to search on web for download but found people saying it use to be on our CD itself. I tried searching my CD and the entire computer but dint found it anywhere. Any suggestions please ?

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    Re: Missing

    Was this a re-installation? Was there any earlier version of Office Suite or Trail installed before installing this one? If yes, you must have removed it completely from the system using Windows Installer Cleanup Tool.

    You should also remove your CD, clean it with cotton, reinsert it and try to run the setup. Many time the missing file errors occurs when installer wont read the required files properly.

    If that also wont work, As you said you are try to repair, simply uninstall the office again using the tool mentioned above and try installing it again. It should work. For more help on such errors, you can also check this KB article

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    Re: Missing

    Thanks for the help buddy. Yes there was trail installed earlier and i removed it prior installing this. Also as you said i cleaned the Cd and inserted back, that also dint worked. Later i tried the fix mentioned in that MS link and that worked.

    Thank you.

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