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Thread: missing - upgrading from 2003 Pro to 2007 Std

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    14 missing - upgrading from 2003 Pro to 2007 Std

    I am having a Windows XP Pro SP3 system which was running with Office Pro 2003. Last week I successfully upgraded it to Office 2007 Standard edition. There was no problem during the setup but now when am launching any Office application it says “missing file”. I tried to search the file on my Office 2007 CD but dint got it anywhere in my entire system. It is not even available on Office 2003 disk.

    I tried to repair but yet the same problem. Any help please ?

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    Re: missing - upgrading from 2003 Pro to 2007 Std

    I have been through this problem earlier and fixed it with a solution I got on web. It was just to kill a process named msiexec.exe in the task manager. Just open any Office application, It is better to open it in Safe Mode. You can do this by typing, for example Excel, “excel /s’ in the RUN box. Once it is opened, go to Task manager and locate the process msiexec.exe only associated with you name/username. Right click the same and End process.

    That’s it. It should now work properly.

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    Re: missing - upgrading from 2003 Pro to 2007 Std

    Thanks a lot for the tip buddy, not only it fixed my Excel but it worked for my Outlook as well with a small modification which was also giving me the same error on launch. Thank you.

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