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Thread: questions regarding Virgin Mobile India and Tata Indicom

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    questions regarding Virgin Mobile India and Tata Indicom

    I really liked the virgin mobile's first two minute plan!
    yesterday went to nearest dealer regarding queries related to virgin mobile and my Tata Indicom handset I wanted to use it with ....... here is what I got
    Virgin and Tata Indicom's handsets don't work with each other even if model no are same for eg Nokia 2505 so better get them unlocked to use with each other, costs nominal Rs 100-150.
    Tata to Tata free calls include Virgin Mobile also ..... what? means I can get 10paise on calls made by my friend(free) using his tata mobile? explained in next pt
    Get paid for Incoming only if it is not from the free call Tata to Tata offer. Not sure of what if you call from tata prepaid loaded with Rs50 onnet card.
    Incoming 10paisa is paid per second while outgoing is charged per minute. 30 seconds incoming is 5paisa not 10.
    Nothing like lifetime validity or postpaid thing yet!
    Still in my opinion there tariff card rocks. It is best for any type of callers not just youth. On any given day any time you make a long call and dang after first two minutes your call rates reduce automatically.... there is no fixed rental(local).

    STV( Special Tariff Vouchers) are available for both reduction in std rates and sms rates.

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    what could be benefitting them for giving us 10p for incoming per minute?
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