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Thread: What is help desk and how it works?

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    What is help desk and how it works?

    Hello, everyone, I'm so happy to see you here. Let me introduce myself. I'm working for ikode company which provides help desk software for other companies. Maybe you have no idea about help desk software, don't worry, i will give you an answer.

    Generally speaking, a help desk is a very large and complex database which include customer information, call reports, problems and solutions logs and service level agreements. In other words, it is to increase a company’s efficiency and their productivity when using technology by providing workers and clients with timely answers to their questions and pertinent information that can aid them in solving their problems.

    There are three reasons why you choose our help desk software:

    Improve Customer Support.
    Receive, track and organize customer support issues (tickets) by department and by urgency.

    Reduce Your Workload.
    Integrated Knowledgebase may reduce the number of support requests by as much as 50%!

    Save Time and Money.
    Our help desk is super simple to use, fast, lightweight, secure, user friendly and FREE!

    If you want to buy our product or want to know more information about it, here:
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