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Thread: How to get an Aadhaar Card

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    How to get an Aadhaar Card

    Aadhaar card is an single card which will help as an source of multiple documents. There are number of different documents related to identity proof, address proof, etc required at various phase of life. The card will not only remove this, but will also help the Government to get the exact information based on population and other important work which are needed to perform on regular interval of time and which consumes a big budget. It is also reduced the time consumption for all this process. Aadhaar card is an unique identity verification card which is for many purpose. The card includes enough information about an individual who resides in India. The card has an ability to help some agencies run online verification or validation also. That means private or public agencies can validate the identity of an individual online also. It is an multipurpose card which can use as an support document for document requirement in banks, income tax, passport, phone connection, etc.

    As being an National Project the Aadhaar Card or UID is an unique identification card allotted to the citizens of India by Indian Government. The process is handled by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It is an India Government Agency that will implement the process of Aadhaar. Aadhaar is the name of card which is an National Identity Card or Unique Identification card. The engaged authority is under a process of providing an unique identity in the form of numbers to all citizens of India and the card act as an legal document in most of the Government process. It an identity card which is authorized by the Government and has acceptance in most parts of Government process. The process has started few months before and will be continued till the coming year. Under this process an database of Unique Identification Number is made to keep an track of number of people which will be helpful to the agencies in various manners. Each will be provided with an unique 12 digit number which is the sole identity of person holding the card.

    Aadhaar Card will help Government to monitor corruption, population, etc. It is an first multi-utility card for Indian Citizens The card can be a Pan card, a Voters Card, an Driving License, etc. It will also help individual to get benefited at bank schemes. The card removes the time of verification which is done most commonly for loan process, for phone connection, property, etc.

    How to Apply

    Enrollment :

    • The application process is kept very simply and you can reach any of your nearest center to enroll yourself.
    • At first you have to collect an form which is given to 1 to each individual. Every member of an family will have a different form.
    • Provide proper documents which are need at the center. The most common is Ration Card that act as your permanent address proof.
    • The form needs regular information of your area, name and address. You must stick the most recent photograph of yours.
    • At the center every one must be present individually to provide finger print and eye scan.
    • All information will feed in the computers at the center and you will be provided with an receipt. This receipt has an number and photo of yours.
    • The original card will be dispatch at your home after some months. Keep the receipt safe.
    • There is not fees required for this. The entire process is carried out free. The process is a bit slower as in some region only a prescribed amount of form is distributed only for better processing.

    Glimpse of Enrollment process :

    Below are some images which are from the official website of Aadhaar. You can have a look how this entire process works. This is common almost for all Aadhaar Center.

    Documents Need for Aadhar Card :

    Important Links and Contact information

    Aadhar Maharashtra Website

    This website some very nice information on the various contact center and how to apply for Aadhaar. You can view the same and download various excel and power point files to get more better detail on the same. You can use the some to guide others also.

    Aadhar Center Locator Maharastra

    Aadhar Final Enrolment Form

    National Website

    Aadhaar Enrollment

    This link will help you to get lot more information on Aadhar card. You can click on region wise and get information on Aadhar on that region. Below under Registrar Onboarding Documents you can find almost all setof information in the form of pdf document. Download them refer them for more detailed information. There are ready to use manual which will guide you for the ongoing Aaadhaar process. Aaadhaar Status

    Click on the below link and provide the Enrollment No and Date time. The link will provide you the status of your current Aadhaar Enrollment.

    Check your Aadhar Status

    Aadhar News :

    You can keep a track on the below link to get information on the current news and upcoming news on Aadhaar.

    Aadhaar News Center

    UDAI Contact Center :
    Voice – 1800-180-1947
    Fax – 080-2353 1947
    Letters – PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore - 560001
    Email -

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    Re: How to get an Aadhaar Card

    Near the centers there are some people who will help you to fill up the forms. I just went and found some people fill the form for you. I do not know what they charge, but they are not surely from the center. That is good for those who find difficult to fill up the forms. You just need to fill general inquiry in the form. Like your name and details. You have a gas connection or not, etc. Other than you will need to fill up some information based on your local election area.

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