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Thread: How to Recharge your Dish TV Connection via Vodafone

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    How to Recharge your Dish TV Connection via Vodafone

    Recharge your Dish TV connection

    Step-by-step procedure:
    Step 1: Call 53333 (toll free)
    Step 2: Press '4' to select DTH TV Recharge
    Step 3: Select '1' to recharge your DISH TV account
    Step 4: Enter your viewing card number
    Step 5: Once done, enter the payment amount and select a payment option (credit card only)
    Step 6: Enter your credit card details
    Step 7: After the transaction is over, you’ll receive a payment confirmation SMS on your Vodafone mobile phone.


    1. What is the dishtv recharge service on Vodafone M-Shop?
    Vodafone is offering a facility to its customers, wherein they can dial into the Vodafone M-Shop toll free number 53333 and recharge their dishtv account using their credit card.

    2. How do I pay for recharging my dishtv account?
    As of now, all Vodafone customers can recharge their dishtv subscription using their Credit Cards only. We will be adding more payment options wherein you will be able to pay using your savings bank account.

    3. Can I recharge my dishtv account while on roaming?
    Yes, you can recharge your dishtv account while you are on national roaming.

    4. What is the VC number?
    VC Number refers to the Viewing Card number. A viewing card is a credit card sized Smart Card, which contains information about the channels that the customer has subscribed to. When inserted in the Digibox it enables viewing of the channels chosen by the subscriber. You must take care of this card and note down its unique VC Number in a safe place and mention it in your every communication with us.

    5. How will I know when my dishtv payment is due?
    DISHTV subscribers can check their due date on the My Account section. To access My Account, press menu, scroll down to My dishtv Space and check on right for account details. DISHTV also sends reminders to subscribers through SMS, Calls, TV Messages and B-mail (envelope on TV Screen).

    6. After making a payment on M-Shop how will I know that the payment has reached my dishtv?
    A payment confirmation is sent by dishtv to your on your Registered Mobile Number in the form of SMS and through E-mail on your Registered E-mail ID. In case, if you have not registered your Mobile number or your E-mail ID, you can simply register by sending an SMS:
    To register your Mobile: DISHTV RMN <11 DIGIT VC NUMBER> to 5757
    To Register your E-mail ID: DISHTV EMAIL <YOUR EMAIL ID> <11 DIGIT VC NUMBER> to 57575
    Alternately you can always call up the call centre support to check for payment status.

    7. What is the Pan India dishtv helpline Number?
    Customer Care Number - 1860-180-3474
    For other payment options, click here
    Please prefix: 011 for North, 022 for West, 033 for East, 044 for South
    Or 18001803474
    Or 0120-2445665 (STD)
    Or 0120 -4443474 (STD)
    Northern India: 011-60013474
    Southern India: 044 -60013474
    Eastern India: 033- 60013474
    Western India: 022-60013474

    8. What happens in case I make an excess payment of Rs.5000 instead of Rs.500 by mistake? Is there a refund process at DISHTV’s end?
    Yes, a subscriber can avail refund of the entire amount paid to dishtv by calling the call center or by providing a written request. Please Note: Since the entire payment would be refunded by dishtv, the subscriber would be required to make a fresh payment towards his recharge subscription.

    9. What happens in case I make a payment for a wrong VC number by mistake?
    In case you have made a payment on an incorrect VC Number, you can always ask for a payment transfer. The payment transfer will be done post authentication be the Customer Care executive. However, such a request for transfer of payment should come within 7 days of the payment.

    10. What happens in case I make a payment but do not receive the recharge?
    If any dishtv subscriber has made a payment and the payment has not yet reached the subscribers account, then the subscriber should contact the dishtv customer care so that his payment can be tracked and recharge processed to the subscribers account

    11. What are the maximum and minimum recharge values?
    A subscriber can recharge for any amount ranging between Rs 100 to Rs 9999.

    12. How long does it take to make a dishtv recharge through Vodafone M-Shop facility?
    All payments made through Vodafone M-Shop facility towards dishtv shall be processed within 24 hours.

    13. Is there any limit on the cumulative amount of DISHTV payments I can make in a month? E.g. Can I make 3 payments of Rs.5000 for 1 VC number in a month?
    No, there is no limit on the number of transactions or payment made towards dishtv.
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    Re: How to Recharge your Dish TV Connection via Vodafone

    I think you should take Vodafone customer care executive help they can provide all information about that otherwise you can also know with Vodafone dealer shop keeper support.

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