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Thread: Anyone use Twitter?

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    moises9485 Guest

    Anyone use Twitter?

    Does anyone here uses Twitter, and is sick of it being down almost all the time?

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    Re: Anyone use Twitter?

    I have not used twitter yet but one of my friend has invited me on twitter and i was thinking about joining twitter but as you have informed me it appears as it is useless to join twitter. Also i am having an account with the face book too and hence i think that it is better than the twitter . Thanks for the information
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    smile Re: Anyone use Twitter?

    I do.
    I am using Twitter as well as Facebook. as for me, still Facebook is better.

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    Re: Anyone use Twitter?

    twitter is pretty nice and although it's down occasionally, you have to remember that it handles a tremendous server load so the blue whale has to be excused from time to time. Its fantastic as an information source , i used it in the Mumbai attack and got news tid bits which were far more accurate than the news on the tube. However there is a lot of useless chatter as well can't have it all right?

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    China MBBS Guest

    Re: Anyone use Twitter?

    Well now-a-days Twitter is not so popular as Facebook. Also twitter only helps you if you have too many followers attached to your twitter profile or you are a well known celebrity.

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    Re: Anyone use Twitter?

    If you will ask my experience regarding twitter then I hardly use I have just created an account and follow some celebrities but instead of the same Facebook is really the better site then the same. I will prefer to go with Facebook rather than it.

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    audrey Guest

    Re: Anyone use Twitter?

    I use twitter and i'm ok with it!

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