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Old 02-11-2009
Join Date: Nov 2009
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Google analytics or AWStats?

I though to post this in seo forum and later thought this is the correct forum.

I have google analytics as well as awstats for my site.
awstat's stats are always higher than google analytics when it come to number of visitors.

which one is more accurate?
which one don't count bots?
do google analytics counts subdomain visit even though i install theire code in home page only in the main domain (abc.com)?

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Old 02-11-2009
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Re: Google analytics or AWStats?

I will list you some major different between both the tools. By this way you can figure out which is one is more accurate. First AWstats is tool which tracks a website statistics from a web server. The tool catches server calls which are from different search enginer (crawler types ) and then gives out the result. In this case Googe Analytics gets 9 out of 10. Because it gives out more information as compare to the other one. AWstats is much better of network administrators and engineers. And same on the other hand Googe Analytics is best of owners, marketing people and analysts. The activity under here is totally focused on business.
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Old 11-01-2010
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Re: Google analytics or AWStats?

I think so yeah, it'd make sense for Google to filter out their spiders, giving more reliable results.

I've never used either system though, so don't take my rambing as reliable advice, haha.

I use statistics provided by my hosting company.
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