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Thread: Add caption to picture

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    Add caption to picture

    Hello Buddies,

    I searching out for a simple application that will let me open a picture,and type a caption on it with in wysiwyg format and save it again.I have figured out kind of programs that can do this but they required too many procedure and adjustments to get it right.I have to tell you that am not much in to photo editing.So expecting the reply for that level

    Thanks guys,

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    Re: Add caption to picture

    All right when i have scenario like this i would Open the picture in Paint and then add text onto the picture. You can even draw little balloons over there.MS Paint is one of the most basic and useful image editors around, and is supplied free of charge on all Windows OS machines. It is very useful for studying how to handle images.

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    Re: Add caption to picture

    Photobucket would be my guess, I've used it for creating a small water mark, slumping the opacity and all.On the other hand Irfanview does not do this in WYSISG form, which means you have to put the text in a text box first. but paint... paint does exactly what I need and it was right there in front of me!

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    Re: Add caption to picture

    Photoscape.which is edited to add If that was working more consistently it would be great. It seems to work one minute and not the next minute.But now days A lot of people live by a application called Gimp. I have Photoshop so I've never tried Gimp, but everyone tells it can pretty much do anything Photoshop can do.

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