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Thread: Can i limit the time spend on computer for kids

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    Can i limit the time spend on computer for kids

    Hi,, apart from my Windows 7 i have one more computer at home that is XP. At my home there are 4 kids who use to play games and surf internet for a long time in a day. They spend almost 8 hours of the day infront of computer and don't concentrate on their studies. So i am here to get about some suggestion regarding the way i can restrict some time limit for the kids to spend on computer. Do you guys suggest me some way ? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Can i limit the time spend on computer for kids

    Well, this is the problem with many parents. Now the schools are also opened and exams are nearby, but the kids keep playing games on computers for lots of time. Fortunately there is a way we can restrict them spending more time infront of computer without shouting or touching the computer. There is an application known as Romaco Timeout that can do it for you. It is a free utility that is able to limit the amount of time your kids can spend in front of the computer.It works in sessions, and can restrict access on a day to day basis.

    Download Romaco Timeout

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    Re: Can i limit the time spend on computer for kids

    Romaco Timeout is a small and easy to use multi-user time-restriction tool designed to allow a user only so much time on their computer during the course of one day.Once the maximum time limit is hit, it will auto logoff or shutdown the computer. The user will only able to login back if he/she has Romaco Timeoutís administrator password.The software is designed to be automatic so it will require no administration after the initial setup.Once the password is entered and created, the Board of Control Break Romaco be shown and this is the place where you can break and allow time limit posting form.

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    Re: Can i limit the time spend on computer for kids

    You need to click the Enable Timeout checkbox on Romaco Timeout to begin with it under administrator password to unlock the control panel. There are two modes available. If you choose Daily Quota, meaning the quota is calculated based on daily basic and once the limit is hit, the user will only able to login to the computer on the next day when the quota is reset.The Per-Session mode lets you set a time limit in hours and minutes for the session. Remember that this tool only works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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