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Thread: buying a certified check

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    buying a certified check

    Hello , I was told to make payment by the certified check , and i was really embarassed as i dont know what is these certified check and where can i get the buying a certified check, please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: buying a certified check

    certified bank check are the check with the guarantee from the issuing bank. This warranty is marked on the check by signing the bank. For the beneficiary it is a security payment. In effect, this means that the bank has verified that his client had required provisions before the client write his checkd. Once the check are certified by the bank, the amounts can be frozen up to eight days on the customer's account. Thus, the beneficiary is guaranteed to receive the amount due for him. This type of check is used for large value purchases such as buying an apartment. It has been established to avoid major fraud which can be costly to the bank. In some cases, the bank must pay the amount not been paid by his client.
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    Re: buying a certified check

    A certified check is a check issued by a bank or savings bank. This ensures there is enough money in the account to cover the check. For eight days the money is blocked by the recipient. After this period the certification is no longer valid and the check becomes a normal check. Certified checks are to be distinguished from bank checks. As each check, certified check may be charged by banks.
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    Re: buying a certified check

    For larger purchases, the seller can request a "Certified Check", that is to say a check whose payment is to be guaranteed by your local Postal Check. Upon issuance, the check is debited from your account and secure during its period of validity (8 days) in a special account at the sole disposal of the beneficiary.

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