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Thread: How to Wire a Room for Surround Sound

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    How to Wire a Room for Surround Sound

    I wanna build a Room with a surround sound speaker in it.... But don't know how to wire it???? I was trying to wire it but was not knowing how to wire plus where should i place the speaker in the room....????

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    Re: How to Wire a Room for Surround Sound

    What is Surround Sound ??
    Surround sound encompases a range of techniques for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with audio channels reproduced via additional, discrete speakers. The three-dimensional (3D) sphere of human hearing can be virtually achieved with audio channels above and below the listener. To that end, the multichannel surround sound application encircles the audience, as opposed to "screen channels", i.e. ca. 360 horizontal plane, 2D.

    Surround sound technology is used in cinema and home theater systems, video game consoles, personal computers and other platforms.

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    Re: How to Wire a Room for Surround Sound

    Firstly i will ask you to buy a 5.1 surround sound channel speaker for making a room surround sound.

    Then you require to place the woofer speaker in the center or near the TV or projector... etc. & the other two at the left & right end of it.

    Then stand in front of the Woofer & the place the the other two speaker to your left & right end corner of your room.

    Now connect the speaker to your woofer & system. & then attach the wire to the wall.

    Now you are ready with your surround sound system Room. Hope you will be enjoying...!

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    Re: How to Wire a Room for Surround Sound

    For the positioning of loudspeakers, the best thing is to consult the manual of its receiver. It can not be able to maintain perfectly, but the best thing than can and so you have. Generally, it will give the positions and heights to it. Or ask your architect for it as they are very used to & also they are familiar with room dimension & resistance.

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