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Thread: eShop VS wp-eCommerce

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    eShop VS wp-eCommerce

    Wordpress plugin for online sales, it is very tempting to compare it to eShop to try to bring out a lot. Well, imagine that to choose one has not been easy, as one and the other two are high quality products, offering everyone the same basic functions as well as some little extras (such as widgets WP-eCommerce). Since we must make a choice, I chose eShop that I find it a bit easier. But it would be too simplistic to say here is better than eShop wp-eCommerce. which you will prefer eShop VS wp-eCommerce ?

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    Re: eShop VS wp-eCommerce

    WP-eCommerce comes with no less than 6 Widgets to make purchases of your customers easier and more enjoyable. I particularly liked the widget "Shopping Cart" fully ajaxifiť. This practice is intuitive, and it's a pro. Other widgets in bulk: Categories & Marks, Labels products, Special products.

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    Re: eShop VS wp-eCommerce

    WP-eCommerce has everything it takes to create an online store. Only drawback, you may need styler some code generated by the plugin using CSS. Please note there is a paid version of the plugin that offers more of the plugin "basic" search engine and the ability to create photo galleries for your products.

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    Re: eShop VS wp-eCommerce

    e-shop allows a lot of things that must be set (depending on the product you are selling, delivery areas and their cost) not to mention the pages of the blog relating to e-shop (A About, Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery, Basket, canceled orders, checkout, thank you for your order).

    eShop features

    • Full integration with Paypal
    • Summary view a product on one page
    • Multiple options on products
    • Ability to upload downloadable products
    • Statistics module integrated
    • Module search products
    • Provides 3 methods of calculating shipping cost and special settings across geographic areas.
    • The parent page can list a selection of products (style featured) or sub product pages
    • Sending automatic email confirmation.
    • Email templates 100% configurable.
    • Message "more stock available" configurable.
    • Inventory Control
    • Automatic creation of pages needed to run the plugin during installation

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