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Thread: x264 bitrate calculation

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    x264 bitrate calculation

    can any one tell me a perfect bit rate for 2hDVD file conversion

    expecting a nice reply..

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    Re: x264 bitrate calculation

    well i don't know exactly what is a perfect bit rate...i guess if it's for H.264 encodes For video parameters of 1280x720, 16:9, 30fps with the x264 codec, (audio of 128 kbit/s) it recommends a "Best" bitrate of 3240 kbit/s. Most similar clips I can find on the net are between 5000-6000 kbit/s.

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    Re: x264 bitrate calculation

    do you think as x264 doesn't have "target-size" encoding type, for 2h a 700mb cd (not xcd) can give 600-650 kbps, but then there is source compressibility.
    i prefer you to use a calculator and divide desired file size by movie length.that sounds more nice....

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    Re: x264 bitrate calculation

    use bitrate calculator software

    Choose video type under Type.
    Type in the length of your videoclip.Select how many CDs or DVDs and what kind of media you are going to use.the audio bitrate you are going to use.
    copy the Calculated Bitrate, it is the Video Bitrate you are going to use in your Encoder.
    if you need to add still images, menus, motion menus and extra subtitles and such you must add a few extra MBs to the other ISO files (click on advanced) or lower the calculated bitrate some bits or else it wont fit.

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