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Thread: How to send virus through SMS ?

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    How to send virus through SMS ?

    Hello friends

    Last week i received one SMS i open that and my phone restart. after that phone start giving problem like long time to open application , not able to receive call . So i went in nokia center they told me there is virus in your phone. They repaired my phone. after that my phone working fine.

    Then i come to know that i received virus through SMS. I want to know

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    Re: How to send virus through SMS ?

    If you get infected with this one, it can cost you some pretty money - after installation on your phone, Viver starts sending SMS messages to the premium SMS numbers, thus accruing charges to your mobile account and generating income for the virus author.

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    Re: How to send virus through SMS ?

    Few similar viruses were spotted for all JAVA running mobile phones, Viver is the first to be specifically designed for S60 based smartphones. As soon as you have downloaded and installed the application, virus gets activated and starts sending SMS messages to the premium mobile number, rented by the perpetrator.

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    Re: How to send virus through SMS ?

    I want to know how i could sent text virus giving me codes like this one only work through LG fones:

    a h@@R @ I∆9
    :A 84\A b Ti
    Actually it is not legal to tell how to text the codes for Virus. So can't help you on this topic. Anyways its good that you don't send any messages like this. (And its your fault if you receive that ) And if you want to send that text, just type that in text message and then send it to your friend... (let him also laugh )

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