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Thread: How to Register for Umobile

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    How to Register for Umobile


    I am Customer of Union Bank of India from past many years. Now recently they have launched Mobile Banking. Can you temme how i can register for that services.
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    Customer can visit any of bank’s ATM to register for UMobile services. The procedure is as follows:-

    1. The Customer inserts his debit card and enters his debit card pin number.
    2. On the displayed screen selects the “others” option.
    3. Then on the next screen selects “Mobile Payment”
    4. He has to now select “Registration”.
    5. He is prompted to enter his mobile number and then asked to re-enter the mobile number
    6. On successful registration the ATM prints the receipt in the following format:- “Registered successfully, Activation Code XXXX, visit site for downloading mobile application onto your handset and further details”. Visit
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