Scientists from the British Association of Dermatologists, after a number of studies have concluded that mobile phones can also be a cause sypi on the face and hands.

They believe that this is happening because of the content in the metal liners of mobile phones nickel. Studies have shown that in 10 out of 22 popular models of modern phones contain nickel. As a result, residents of Britain, prone to allergies to nickel suffer "mobile dermatitis", that is sypi rash on the ears and / or cheeks. Since women are more susceptible to allergies, have rashes can occur even on the fingers, as a result of frequent touching the metal buttons of the phone.

The solution to this situation can be used cover in order to cease contact phone metal parts with the skin.

University of Arizona professor Charles Gerba (Charles Gerba) believes that on the surface of mobile phone accumulated a large number of different bacteria that can cause the same variety of skin diseases.