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Thread: Did anyone here heard about Hello money ?

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    Did anyone here heard about Hello money ?

    Hi Friendz.

    Did anyone over here heard about the new service which is started by barclays bank hello money? Hello Money application is the latest invention in the banking sector. What do you think of such a service? Is it safe to provide your personal information?
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    Hello Money its nothing but a mobile banking.

    Just dial *598*1# to access an interactive menu which lets you:
    • Transfer funds to any bank account
    • Make bill payments to over 80 billers across India
    • Get a mini statement of your last 10 transactions
    • Re-charge any pre-paid mobile...and much more!!!

    Hello Money is fast, simple and secure

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    Hello Money Features


    It's Convenient
    • Hello Money is based on a preset menu, hence you don't need to remember any keywords, install any applications or send any SMSs'. Just dial *598*1#, choose the transaction you want, and you're set to bank!
    • No Operator charges, free on roaming (international/domestic), and no GPRS connection needed to carry out your transactions!
    • Using Hello Money, you can pay your bills to any of the billers who are registered with us.
    • Hello Money can be operated in Hindi or English (if language is supported by handset) by simply selecting the language of your choice in the Hello Money menu.

    It's Fast
    • Hello Money is extremely quick to use on any GSM phone (even the most legacy handsets) and you can get real–time responses to your requests
    • Hello Money works wherever the operator network exists (Available to Idea, Vodafone, BPL and Airtel subscribers).
    • Hello Money is a USSD based service and so unlike GPRS you don't need to wait for activation to start accessing Hello Money.
    • You don't need to download or install any applications to access Hello money. Simply dial *598*1# and start banking!

    It's Secure
    • Hello Money is a USSD based service (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data which allows quick transmission of information via a GSM network) using a highly secured technology. It works on simple protocols which are based on short codes.
    • The USSD protocol ensures that no information is stored on your phone. This protocol also ensures that there is no loss of data on either end.
    • Hello Money has an in-built USSD encryption and 'no store just forward' facility for secured transactions.
    • Your Hello money account can only be accessed via a PIN. This ensures that ONLY YOU can access your account. You will receive the PIN through SMS. To increase security it is mandatory for you to change the PIN on your first transaction on Hello Money since the PIN will be valid only for 72 hours. Please keep your debit card handy while changing your PIN.
    • In case your handset is stolen / misplaced, call and inform the customer service helpline as soon as possible.
    • You are protected

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    Any idea how many transaction are allowed everyday by Hello Money

    Any one of you know how many transaction are allowed by hello money everyday ??
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    I think they allow only 5 transaction everday in Barclay's Hello Money
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