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Thread: How to block Bittorrent

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    How to block Bittorrent

    My room mate is killing my connection with Bit Torrent, I also don't need any more emails from MPAA or some other organization telling me to stop sharing movies. I did get a few a couple years ago.

    I blocked ports 6881-6999 on my router, but that didn't work. Is there a way to block P2P services on the router?

    I know I need to talk to him, but he's gone for the weekend and his utorrent has like 25 active connections. I will just unplug him from the router this weekend.

    Please let me know!
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    Blocking a range of ports is useless. He can always find a new port that is open. uTorrent, and other clients, can tell you if the selected port is open or not.

    What router do you have?

    On my linksys router I can block services (its done by port though), block access to certain websites (If you have it, you can block access to the tracker websites or sites he uses for getting torrents). I also have QoS. If you have QoS, you can set your system as #1 priority and his as last. This will allow your internet to be fast, even if he is downloading. My router also has the option to block access during a specific time range. If you have the option, you can set it so his computer doesnt get internet at night.

    The easiest way to block P2P is disable it on the firewall on his computer. You can do it on an admin account and set his to non-admin so that he can't change it.

    But blocking is not the best way to go. The best way to go is to talk to him and tell him to stop, or else you will block his connection all together for ever. That simple.

    What client(s) does he use?

    And finally, if you do get emails or legal threats.. just give them his contact info. Let him deal with the legal crap. Not your fault hes pirating.

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    Why not just let him get fined for piracy...
    Or shut down the torrent application.

    If it is his own PC then keep putting eggs inside of it until he stops using torrent. Believe me, he will get pissed off very quikly (and hopefully stop)
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