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Old 01-02-2005
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idea Howto Configure SQUID Proxy Server / LINUX

I see many people find difficulty to configure SQUID proxy server for internet sharing in Linux. So i write rough steps. I write these steps on Fedora Core 3

Consider 2 Machines A and B connected by LAN card

Machine A : Redhat linux | Fedora
Machine B: linux or Windows

Machine A Two Network cards. Plugin the CAT 5/6 cable of your broadband ISP in one LAN card and the other card connect your Machine B network card by another cable

Boot Machine A with redhat linux and login root

Type startx to boot to graphical mode

Press Ctrl T to open terminal

I assume you choose the SQUID Proxy server package when you install Redhat/Fedora.

To check if squid is installed
type command
rpm -qa squid
You should see something like depends on your version
Lets configure your network cards. Machine A has two NIC (Network Interface Card)
type command
This will open Netwok setup dialog. Check attached screenshot
My Realtek network card i.e eth1 is connected to my broadband ISP and the second card eth0 is connected to machine B's NIC i.e eth0.

To configure eth0 back in terminal type command :
ifconfig eth0 netmask
service network restart
or sometimes you will also have to type to activate
ifconfig eth0 up
similarly configure eth1 with IP settings provided by your ISP.

type > kwrite /etc/squid/squid.conf

Text editor opens the squid.conf file

Press Ctrl G and enter line no. 1674

Delete the comment sign " # " and Make entry like this:
acl unix.blachat src
Again Ctrl G and line 1837 and remove comment "#"
http_access allow unix.blackhat
Ctrl G and line 53 and only remove comment " # "

Ctrl G and line 2080 remove "#" and "none" and make entry
visible_hostname unix
Save the file and close.

In terminal type
squid -z
and see only this message if you followed my steps correctly:
Creating Swap Directories
Now type command
service squid start
To start this service everytime you boot machine A type command:
Scroll down till see:
[ ] Squid
Select and Check the above entry by hit spacebar and then quit.
Squid server now configures on Machine A

Boot your Machine B into either Linux or Windows.
Configure your single network card i.e etho
in terminal type
ifconfig eth0 netmask
service network restart
Open your browser Firefox and go to Proxy setings and see attached screenshot

Do same in Windows

If you use Windows on machine A then use this nice simple shareware:


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Old 04-02-2005
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Good work, very informative
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Old 04-02-2005
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good tut unix.
here is another resouce for learning squid http://squid-docs.sourceforge.net/la...tml/book1.html
After Death,
"I Wish to Get my Body Burnt with my Puter and Games, I will Play with Demons or Angels in Heaven or Hell"
- Double.Trouble
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Old 04-02-2005
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 32
ya double.trouble that is more helpful for setting folder/file permission against malicious users and other advance settings etc

my steps only to easy quick setup and test succesfully squid proxy
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Old 12-05-2011
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Good evening

The author really thinks so?
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Old 05-10-2011
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Re: Howto Configure SQUID Proxy Server / LINUX

Sir thank you for explain the process......

i have one questions ....... i have 60 numbers of computer and every one using the internet, i want to disable some web page for particular users and want to maintain the record which user suffering whom web page. this is possible in squid proxy server.... and how many days suffering record is save in server computer....

Wait for your kind attention......

Jitender Rana
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Old 06-10-2011
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Re: Howto Configure SQUID Proxy Server / LINUX

The history usually stays in the log files. If you do not want you can delete them out. But when the server is somehow restarted the settings are set to default wiping out the old settings. Below is an faq of squid logs that can guide you on how does the logs works and how to manage the history. Also there are some helpful commands that might be useful in future.

Squid Logs
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