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Thread: Cyberoam 24 online

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    Cyberoam 24 online

    This is one **** software which restricts everything......problems faced are...

    1.cant play lan games....
    2.bandwidth restriction.....i get ard 4-5kbps....i pay 1000 bucks a month for a 64kbps line....cant go to other isps coz he does'nt let other isp's come to my area (gundagiri)....
    3.cant load a firewall...
    so any solution

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    greekuveeran Guest
    oh yes, i got in2cable as my isp and they use the same wretched logging in software. and what is worse since the utp packets are encrypted and they use a "heart beat" system, cable net sharing is not possible unless you know of some fancy debugging / hacking tools. as a consequence i have 2 net cable connections @ home. and the connection is capped at 600 mb / month

    Well, what can you expect from the in2cable people (Hindujas) who are basically "Brokers". :shutup:

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    mlnunes Guest's one more...
    my cablewallah isp use the same crap software...
    though i was promised 56kbps, i get only abt 32kbps..
    and there's no alternative coz of gundagiri

    i'm waiting for bsnl...and i hope it will surely
    keep upto our expectations...
    hoping for unlimited dloads @ 256kbps and 500/- p.m.

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    vishal kadakia Guest
    hey nox,

    where in mumbai u stay, wither pm me or post here. lemme see if i can get u igate.

    they charge 750 pm and we get 160k banhdwidth, with a day time download speeds of 20k and uncapped after midnite.

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    i m also a victim of cyberoam 24 online
    my isp is alliance broadband
    location: tollygunge , kolkata
    any relief package for me guys ?

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    thanks bro for the post and the attachment.but still i need your help will you post to me the official site because the of the official site and i want read in it some useful information.

    i meant the address of the official site.

    bro part 2.rar has an error i can download bt when i extract it give an error please check it.and post again

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    vishal kadakia Guest

    version of 24online cyberoam igate client is

    location mumbai

    isp igate

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    For more information regarding the client and the bandwidth management software Cyberoam visit 24online. In the Downloads section you will find a lot of information which may be put to good (or bad) use e.g the Manuals and White Papers. I will not entertain any queries as to how to hack it ... so please no pm's or posts regarding this.

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    Re: Cyberoam 24 online

    i m another victim of cyberoam 24 online user. My location is Dum Dum, Kolkata - 28. My package is 96 kbps but i m getting 5 - 6 kbps. Maximum time (Approx 100 to 150 hours Avg.) connection are not available in a month. But i pay for this lile Rs 600 per month.

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    bmn Guest

    Re: Cyberoam 24 online

    Try this 24 online client for XP32/64 vista32/64 windows7 for internet speed booster

    Before install make sure tht u change all these settings

    1- download 24 online client
    2- right click on file and go to properties
    3 -under compatibility tab choose run this prog on 95 or 2002 or xp
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    Re: Cyberoam 24 online

    Increase Your Download Speed Upto 4mbps!!!

    It Works Only In 24online Cyberoam Software

    Download Using Internet Download Manager And When The Download Starts .....wait For 10 Seconds And Logout The Client ....the Speed Will Boost Upto 1-2-3-4 Mbps!!!!!

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    Re: Cyberoam 24 online

    I am attaching the software to the post. The software has two parts. Unzip both one by one in a same folder and run the setup. After setup it will ask for your server address provide it. The intent of the software is to boost up your internet speed. You can also download the same and access more information from the official site.

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