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Thread: hijacked by V9 Portal site

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    hijacked by V9 Portal site

    I have been recently hijacked by the V9 Portal website. No matter if i am opening Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome, my start up page and search provider has been changed to I have already removed it from the Uninstall a Program but still it is residing in my pc and I dont know how to get rid of it completely. I dont want to reformat and reinstall Windows OS again in my computer, so please tell me an alternative to remove this crap. Thanks

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    Re: hijacked by V9 Portal site

    There is a tool called AdwCleaner that you need to install in your computer, you can get it easily by searching on google. Before opening AdwCleaner, you have to close all open internet browsers and only after that double click on the AdwCleaner file. Once it starts then click on the Scan button. This tool will now start to search for files which is installed in your computer. Once it makes all the list of malicious files for the then click on the Clean button. After the cleaning procedure is over restart your computer and then check if the browser hijacker is removed or not.

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    Re: hijacked by V9 Portal site

    You will also need to remove the V9 Portal site extensions from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome installed in your pc. For that you need to install a software called Junkware Removal Tool. It is a handy and reliable application designed to scan your computer for malware entries such as adware, toolbars and PUPS (potentially unwanted programs). Junkware Removal Tool is able to remove the following types of programs: Babylon, Ask, Clear, Conduit, Crossrider, Facemoods/FunMoods, Browser Manager, Coupon Printer, IncrediBar, iLivid, Web Assistant, MyWebSearch, Searchqu and many more.

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    Re: hijacked by V9 Portal site

    Your browser shortcuts will be also hijacked, so you need to also clean those manually. To do that, search for the browser shortcut and then rigth click on it and choose Properties. Now in the shortcut tab in the Target field, you have to remove the argument. Normally, you should be able to see only the path to browser executable file and nothing more. Those are also the default shortcut path which should be in your Target box and if the argument is there, then you should remove it.

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