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Thread: What is otshot? How do I remove it?

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    What is otshot? How do I remove it?

    Does anyone know what is this otshot, is it a virus? When ever I start my computer then it will try to change my email to Outlook. I have checked already in the Control Panel to remove it but it is not listed in the Programs list. I am also not able to find any solution for this problem anywhere on the website. Even after scanning from Microsoft Security Essentials nothing is found in the reports? What should I do to get rid of this problem? Please help.

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    Re: What is otshot? How do I remove it?

    Can you click on Start and then in the search box type "*shot*.*" without the quotes. It will take you to a folder where this otshot is stored and from there you will need to uninstall this program. If you will run this program then it will take you to a webpage which is for photo editing. So if anyone is having this problem then they can simply follow this method and get rid of the otshot.

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    Re: What is otshot? How do I remove it?

    You will need to open the Selective startup by typing msconfig in the search box and then uncheck the ox in the Startup list that said otshot. After that check it to see that it will be filed under program giles. Now go to C drive and then Program Files folder and find its location and delete otshot. Now empty the recycle bin and restart your pc and the problem will be solved.

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    Re: What is otshot? How do I remove it?

    You will need to uninstall the Otshot from the Control Panel only. Just try to open the Task Manager and then end the process called OtShot.exe. This way you can simply quit the program running in the background. After that download and install a software called Revo Uninstaller. After installation run this program in your pc and then uninstall the Otshot program.

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