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Thread: How to schedule Malwarebytes scans on specific drives

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    How to schedule Malwarebytes scans on specific drives

    I have installed Malwarebytes on my computer and I am satisfied by its results. It is very good in blocking the malwares and in eliminating the existing ones. But the only problem is that it starts its scanning work at random times. Many times it starts when I am playing games or working. It slows down the working of computer at a considerable rate and I need to cancel the scan. I start the scanning many times when I am having lunch or I will be out of home for hour or so. But this is not possible every time. Can anyone tell me if there is any way I can schedule the scans of the Malwarebytes?

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    Re: How to schedule Malwarebytes scans on specific drives

    First thing that you should know is that there is no feature in Malwarebytes that will allow you to have the scans scheduled at specific times. I know most of the anti-virus software or other security based softwares have the scheduling feature. But here in Malwarebytes there is no such feature. I know that many people must be in need of this feature, but all we have is option for full scan or scan for specific drive. You will have to manage the scans by just using these options.

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    Re: How to schedule Malwarebytes scans on specific drives

    I think that the developers of Malwarebytes must introduce the scheduler in form of new patch or upgrade. I think many people must be in need of it for sure. Just a lack of a single feature has made the Malwarebytes go nearly useless. I mean, who would want some scan popping out between their important works. This can sometimes even be harmful as it might interfere with some other process leading to computer freezing or crashing. I think slower computers will be most affected by this behavior of Malwarebytes.

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    Re: How to schedule Malwarebytes scans on specific drives

    I think you can use some other scheduling software to set the Malwarebytes to start its scanning processes. Even the Windows operating system has inbuilt scheduler which you can use. I think this is the closest thing that you can get to scheduling Malwarebytes to scan your computer for malwares. But you cannot set any schedule to scan some specific drive at some specific time. You can send request to the developers to have such feature, maybe they’ll introduce it in the next version of Malwarebytes.

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