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Thread: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

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    Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    I had just seen a news that showed up a buggy update by Mcafee caused net issue in many computers. What is this all about. I had not yet updated my antivirus. But a bit worried about this. Does Mcafee updates is affected by virus.

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    Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    Yes that is true. This is published in number of new site. I do not know the exact reason but the update of Mcafee can cause Internet failure in your system. This is one of the weirdest thing I had seen done by an antivirus internet. There are people who updated already and are facing the issue. But this is not worlwide. There is no major issue. It just affect your internet. But to get rid of that there is no way we can remove the updates. We have to uninstall McAfree completely and then re-install that back.

    This is quiet similar to manual update. It looks that this problem is resolved, as Mcafee has removed the affected updates from its database. If you are affected then simply remove the antivirus and install this back again. Do not run updates on start. I also found in some news that McAfee is providing some kind of hotfix for that. This fix will remove the issue. I hope this will be fixed early and people can get relief from it.

    When I saw the news on buggy update I thought it would put some virus in the system. As I am using this antivirus on the server pc. But removing McAfee will fix the issue. Yet there is no info available on the hotfix released to remove this update without uninstallation.

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    Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    That is a problem for many McAfee users. As those who are not aware might face issue. Those who do not really understand much technical stuff will be still struggling to get rid of this issue.

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    Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    That is a small thing. It is just killing your internet. There is siad hotfix provided that you can go for and remove the issue. You can download it and run it. It would be a complicated for server admins as this one issue will affect many computers. I never thought this type of things can also happen with a antivirus. I thought there is some kind of malware problem which was reported. To get rid of that you have to first remove McAfee from your system. Then restart your computer and go on the official website.

    Download the fresh and updated version. Run the setup and update it. You will not face the issue back again. Because McAfee has removed the buggy update. Hotfix is prescribed for server leveel systems. You can search on official website fo rmore help on the same. If you do not want to run online update then you can manually download also. Check the link below. It has a 100mb fie to download.

    McAfee Updates Download

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    Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    Manual option can recommended. As you said that McAfee has removed that buggy update, we can run the setup manually. I tried overwrite the update on existing installation but that does not worked. I removed and installed things went fare.

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