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Thread: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

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    Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    I want to know that does using a portable antivirus application is safer or not. I have a external drive. There is around 5Gb of important data and other are movies. I want to add some portable scanner in the drive so that whenever I can connect it anywhere it scans for threat. I had formatted my usb a number of time and fed up worm. Somehow there a virus which enters in my system.

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    Re: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    I will recommend you to use System Security for that. There is a portable version of this tool which offer you a simple portable tool to scan your system and keep you away for antivirus. It works in background and offer you a cloud scan support. So there is no need to keep updated antivirus definition in the application. Anyhow it is quiet common that there are chances you get infected with virus every now and then. Some how portable devices are the most vulnerable one. Compare to regular antivirus you must carry a portable version in your system.

    The app is very lite and does not eat much of your system resource. The download size of this application is just 3mb something. For better security purpose it is recommended that you must have a active internet connectivity. Or else it can ignore the current virus.

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    Re: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    If you want a dedicated application for your usb then you can look for usb card. I am using this for a long time. It is a awesome portable security application.

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    Re: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    I would recommend you to stay on safer side you must rely on full version antivirus. I am using quickheal here. It is nice and easy to use. Before that there was a portable scanner in my system called as ESET Rogue Applications Remover. This software can easily scan and detect antivirus. There is no gui mode support provided here. It scans it in the form of cmd window. It is one of the best portable security tool that I had found yet. I carry the same in my usb drive and along with that I keep a fully updated antivirus also. So to some extent this neither complicated nor difficult to use. You do one more thing to keep your external drive protected. You can lock the same with password manager type tool. This software encrypt the data and the same is neither corrupted or not destroyed by any kind of malicious code.

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    Re: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    Go for F Secure. F-Secure Easy Clean is a 3 mb antivirus which you can easily install in your usb drive. I found this one of the best for portable disc scanner.

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    Re: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    There are many portable antivirus that you can go for. Like ClaimWin, Naevius, TrustPort, etc. Along with antivirus you can also install a portable firewall on your external drive. The firewall blocks any unwanted changes done your stored file. I had used ClaimWin which is quiet awesome.

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