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Thread: How to track a computer?

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    How to track a computer?

    In our office, everyone has a private computer but I am noticing that it may be used by someone else after I go home. So I need a type of remote spy software to monitor my business computer. I know there are many choices for spyware in the market and it difficult to tell which one works best. Some acquaintances recommended me keylogger for PC, but I have no idea about it. Can anyone give me your other suggestions? Both free and purchased ones will be OK. Better for free.

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    Re: How to track a computer?

    There are many software available in the market, once such is called Realtime-Spy which will allow you to remotely install the software on any computer as well as view the log files from anywhere in the world through your own personal webspace. Realtime-Spy does not require IP addresses and does not create a direct connection with the PC you are monitoring! Once installed then all log files are uploaded secretly to your personal account of Realtime-Spy on their webserver.

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