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Thread: Avast antivirus is restricting certain ip addresses

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    Avast antivirus is restricting certain ip addresses

    Anyone who is well aware of this issue? I am a regular licensed user of Avast from past 3 years and I must say it always helped out with the best performance. I always use to update the software after every equal interval of time but from past few days I have been noticing that I am not able to update the software. Usually I used to update the antivirus from the official site of Avast but seems like this site isnít being opened in my computer.

    If I am not mistaken I guess my avast antivirus software is actually restricting some of the IP addresses without my knowledge. The problem is not only with my computer system; even my mobile phone is behaving the same. All my devices that require an antivirus runs Avast as I already said that Avast is my only choice of antivirus. But the problem is same with my mobile phone too. Seems like Avast is now allowing my devices to visit or open some IP addresses. Am I the only one with this problem?

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    Re: Avast antivirus is restricting certain ip addresses

    Restriction of certain IP addresses depends upon the location you stay. As far as I know, there are few countries who purposely restricts the access of certain IP addresses or web pages. I think you have mistaken that Avast is restricting the IP addresses but let me tell you that Avast is no where responsible for this problem. Maybe just because you are not able to open the official site of Avast for the update, you are blaming Avast entirely for the problem. the only thing I could suggest you is to first contact few other Avast user and also some other general web users and then ask them whether they are being restricted for the access of same IP addresses. If yes, then the problem is universal for your location and if not then the problem is something else. If you are unique with the problem then most probably I would balm Avast for everything.

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    Re: Avast antivirus is restricting certain ip addresses

    Firstly I would like to tell that no antivirus or any software would try to block or restrict the access to its own web page and also they wont block any update servers. Obviously software providers wants their product to be universal and for that they need to first give all their users access to all the things that they introduce to them such as updates, fixes and so on.

    It is purely your location issue as already told above. If you search on internet you will find some of the country name who are actually restricting Avast site. When I checked on internet found Iran one of those restricting country.

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    Re: Avast antivirus is restricting certain ip addresses

    Yeah, you are right Iran is one of those strict country that is restricting Avast site for no reasons. Also AVG is one amongst those restricted antivirus site. Other than Iran there are countries like Syria, Cuba, North Korea etc that is doing the same thing. In these countries AVG sites are banned. The only way for AGV and Avast users is to remove the antivirus and try to get a refund if they are one of those licensed user. Try to go for such an antivirus that is easily available in your country without any issue. You should firstly able to access the official site of the antivirus you install in your system or mobile.

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    Re: Avast antivirus is restricting certain ip addresses

    The new version of avast! comes with a fresh installer that allows you to integrate it into your system as a second line of defense for an already available security product. The interface went through slight modifications.

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