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Thread: How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

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    How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

    Recently Norton Internet Security 2021 popped up showed Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection warning. It did nothing. It showed me a box that the virus is being quarantine something. I got this popup when I was watching a video on internet. Later on there were no warnings. Again after a few hours when I downloading my emails in outlook I found the same popup on my screen. I think Norton cannot remove this. It just shows me warning. And that too on my emails, which never had happened before. I scanned the system fully, not infection was detected. I am bit worried, that there is some virus in my system which remains undetected by Norton.

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    Re: How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

    This is a Trojan virus and some of the virus are capable of hiding them from antivirus. They download more similar files and can destroy your system completely. So the first thing I will advice you is to take backup of your important files. Do no simply start with any kind of troubleshooting, because once your data is corrupted your antivirus might quarantine them or simply delete them. Take a backup, boot in safe mode. Then scan your system completely. If still this is not detected then install a software called Hijackthis to generate log file of each and every suspicious activity in your system. Post the log file here. I can help you to analyze that find where the virus can be located. I hope the virus has not overwrite system files. Just for temporary basis you can try to run system restore. This can give you only temporary relief. Do not visit untrusted website in your system. Clean your temp file folder completely. If you face file permission error then try to clean that in safe mode. Rely on Norton it will clean that out.

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    Re: How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

    Trojans are super risky stuff. You cannot simply rely on the existing antivirus if it gives you regular warnings. Because that means either the virus is downloading more infection or Norton simply detect this an suspicious application. Open Norton and in scan result right click on that file. Choose Quarantine. Next time when it is detected Norton will directly quarantine it.

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    Re: How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

    The virus names that you mentioned is quiet dangerous. It is not only a Trojan but also a kind of keylogger. It can still in your system and there can be many. I am sure you had downloaded and installed some kind of pirated tool in your system. Because this virus do not install without admin rights. It comes with malicious application. One they are installed they get right to modify your system file. If you fail with all troubleshooting suggestion mention in this thread, then the last option that you have is to format your system and re-install Windows. What I found by searching on web that there is no antivirus software available that can completely remove this infection from your system. The antivirus can just give you warning but cannot remove this completely. Check in task manager if you can see any kind of suspicious service under process. End task that. If you contact Norton forums they will tell you to submit log files mostly and after a few day time you can expect for help.

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    Re: How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

    This virus is very complicated to get rid of. It has certain dll files in your system which act as important system files. They cannot be just deleted. Because if you remove some wrong file then that can use critical system failure.

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    Re: How to remove Zeroaccess!Inf2 infection with NIS 2012

    It is a Trojan infection and mark my words they cannot be removed instantly. Keep scanning with Norton until your system does not crashes completely. Do not forget to have a backup of your system. This is more recommended. Because once your system is entirely slowed down or corrupted atleast you have your data to restore it back. That is the reason I really do not like to work on Windows. This OS gets infected easily.

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