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Thread: Live Mesh configuration on NAS Failed

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    Live Mesh configuration on NAS Failed

    My issue is bit different here. I visited my friends office recently. He asked to help him in configuration of new NAS device. He had purchased a set of extender that comes with 2TB drive storage and pre-configured nas devices. It was nicely done and all was working fine. Now my friend wants Live Mesh setup on NAS. He has a laptop on which he carry certain files and before he use Live Mesh to sync his folder with office server. But we tried lots of settings here to sync the NAS device with the laptop. It did not worked. The sync bar just freezes and sometime I receive error saying that it cannot be connected. I am sure the issue lies with the Live Mesh and not with the network devices. The NAS devices can be accessed via laptop, but it is not to use it on Live Mesh. I hope there might be some kind of solution for that.

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    Re: Live Mesh configuration on NAS Failed

    Live Mesh lack support for removable devices. There is no easy way to properly configure them on a net work drive. What I found after going through a number of articles on web, that you cannot sync Live Mesh on NAS or any remote drive. You have to put them on your existing hard drive only. You can do one thing. Configure Live Mesh Folder in your hard drive. Then create a brief case folder on the network or usb drive. Drag the Sync folder inside it. So next time whenever you had made changes you just need to run Briefcase update to get files updated. This is one of the most easiest way.

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    Re: Live Mesh configuration on NAS Failed

    You are wrong. Live mesh works with NAS support. You just need to configure the network attached device properly. I had configured NAS for my HTPC content and it worked nicely. There was no issue for file synchronization. Mesh needs a bit more finishing. Like there are less advance features available here where you can manage more number of system. Compare to Mesh the other tools which are based mostly on Cloud OS offer no NAS support. I will recommend you to try one more and do not forget to share the drive on network.

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    Re: Live Mesh configuration on NAS Failed

    It is possible to configure a NAS drive on Live Mesh. You will need to first map the drive in your system. Then at the time of Sync Folder just provide the path of shared drive over network. Ensure that you had given full rights to overwrite data and do any kind of major modification. Also you can edit and modify permission of Sync Folder on Live Mesh.

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