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Thread: Best way to secure sensitive data on your pc

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    Best way to secure sensitive data on your pc

    I have seen many people saying they need some good software to save their sensitive data in some secure manner. However I do not have any Sensitive data on my computer but i would like to know that how do you save or you can say how you secure your sensitive dataís on your system ?

    Am just asking as suggestions so that if required to do in the future, i can do it effectively.

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    Re: Best way to secure sensitive data on your pc

    I donít believe you that you do not have any kind of sensitive data in your computer. As now a days each and every person who uses computer do have some thing which he/she has to secure. Like I will take my own example as I do internet banking so I do enter my ID and password in my computer but I do keep in mind that I never click on remember my password or something like that.

    I always try and clear all the temporary files from my computer. Yes, yo uhave to do this as if anyone by chance uses your computer and if that person has some different thoughts he/she can take your ID or Password and make misuse of it.

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    Re: Best way to secure sensitive data on your pc

    What i do to keep secure all the sensitive data in my computer is I never ever save any kind of financial passwords in my computer. And I never let my computer to save any kind of details related to my personal stuffs. I also keep on checking the background process whenever I do any kind of trading, banking.

    This all actions are compulsory today as we all know there are various hackers roaming on internet now a days.

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    Re: Best way to secure sensitive data on your pc

    My hard drive is encrypted, and I have a supplementary particular application for powerfully encryption storage of passwords and other stuffs on my system and PDA. I anticipate that should do the trick for now. So I donít think anything more is required for me.

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