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Thread: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

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    2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    As far as I know it is always possible for two different computer systems to ping each other but in my case, with my WAG160N AU it doesnít seems to be possible at all. I have done no changes or experiment with this Lynksis router from the time I bought it. Let me tell you that this router is not even a week old, I bought it few days ago and from the time I have connected it to my computer machines, it created such problems.

    Let me get back to the installation process and recollect the things I did during the installation. When I bought this WAG160N AU router the first thing I did was ran a installation disk that I got along with the router and then I followed the procedures, then I got the internet connection. When I tested both my computer system I found that both the machines were simply able to access the internet connection and also they were able to ping the IPís IP address where the DHCP is enabled) but when I tried to ping the second machine through the first machine and vice versa, I wasnít able to do so. For you information let me tell you that my first machineís IP address is and second machineís IP is

    I am not aware of other Lynksis routers but I feel that there might be other same model products that might be facing the same problem. let me make certain thing clear, there is no antivirus or firewall software lying between those systems that might cause any issue. Just because I am not able to ping both the machines I cant play even the LAN game which was the core reason for me to built this system.

    Anyways if thereís anyone who is having this router model and being able to successfully make the connection between their systems and ping each other? Please if possible at least share up your experience, no matter your issue is solved or not.

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    Re: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    My dear this is a common problem with all Lynksis WAG160N routers. I am not sure but after reading out other threads and discussions I found that this problem is mostly related to the file sharing issue. I have done enough research about this problem as even I am facing this problem with my router too.

    In my case I am at least being able to ping the computer systems at least once during the time of its starting, like if suppose I am not able to get the things working I simply reboot everything and then I am able to ping the other computer systems smoothly on the network and also the file sharing works properly but later on after few minutes suddenly everything fails including file sharing. Itís the file sharing that fails and then just after that the computer systems fails to ping each other. Disabling the windows firewall is the only suggestion I have got until yet which unfortunately didnít work at all for me. If possible you try it out and let me know.

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    Re: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    This is definitely not a firewall issue, disabling them completely doesnít make any sense as the issue still remains the same. The reason I am being so confident is because my old router never had this issue even with a full working firewall setup. Let me tell you that my old router was the same Lynksis WAG160N AU and it never created any problem but due to some defects I was forced to replace it with the same model new router and there came the ping issue with this new one. I never changed my firewall settings after installing the new replaced router as it always remains constant. I feel that itís the new manufactured routers that are causing the problem. might be thereís some inherited problem that is coming along with the WAG160N AU that wasnít present during the initial stages of WAG160N AU manufacturing.

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    Re: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    Ok! There are certain things that you need to take under consideration and also make sure that they are nowhere being a reason for your problem.

    • Firstly it would be much better to check your firmware version, make sure that you have the latest and the best firmware for your router.
    • Try to connect all your computer systems to your router wired and wirelessly. I mean you can connect certain computer wirelessly and the remaining other through a cable so that overall you can have a combination of both physical and virtual connection.
    • After the connection, try to note down the performance of all your PCs with respect to the router. You intention during this phase of time should be to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the connection i.e. wired and wireless.

    Not in all cases but sometimes what happens is that when you try to power cycle the router, the existing problems gets solved easily.

    Anyways after trying out everything or at least something just see to it that you let me know the results and changes you encounter with your connection.

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    Re: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    Hey thatís pretty cool; I have got interesting information to share. After trying out all your suggestion I have got some interesting things to share and in fact I got the issue fixed partially. Your second trick (not exactly) seems to be doing the trick somehow. When I tried establishing all my computers to the router with RJ45 cable wire I found that I the computer machines were easily able to ping each other easily and successfully but before trying out the wired connection trick i was already done with updating the firmware, I updated it with version V1.00.15 (in my opinion this was the best suited version). Now the reason I said that I got the problem fixed ďpartiallyĒ is because when I removed all the connection and tried everything wirelessly i.e. with Wifi connection, I found that with the Wifi I wasnít able to get all my PC on network which became very much annoying all over again.

    Now obviously wireless connection is must for me, I canít leave on RJ45 cable connection every time as I bought this router just because of its wireless connection ability. Come on friends, at least someone come up with the best solution where we shouldnít have to make any compromises as I was made to do with the above suggestion.

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    Re: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    interest then definitely they will be able to get a proper fix for the issue but this is where the problem lies, they doesnít seems to be taking interest.

    • Anyways I have two suggestions for you, which might prove whether you are lucky enough to get through the issue. As far as I have learnt the only best work around is to reset the router. I know that this is something silly but trust I have seen many people trying it out and getting issue fixed but yes, this trick works only for a certain period of time. it might work for a minute or two or maybe for hours but ultimately its only a temporary workaround.
    • The second solution that I am going to suggest you is something which can maybe dissolve your problem forever. What you need to do is first go to Wireless then from there go to Advanced Wireless Settings and from there go to AP Isolation. Now there you disable the option. if in case the option is already disable do not worry, enable it. Then save everything and then reboot.

    In almost all the cases the second fix has worked. Just try it out and let me know the result. I do not assure that this might work or work for a long time. your problem may recreate again without your knowledge as the fix is not recommended by Cisco.

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